ProtoLite Professional CF-Array soft-box lights for video, photo, studio and workshop. A new idea in illumination as revolutionary as it is simple. Buy DIRECT from the manufacturer and SAVE!  Mix and match up to ten compact fluorescent bulbs for the exact color temperature and brightness you desire. No expensive custom bulbs. Super efficient - low power draw, radically less heat! Beautiful, soft, controllable light in a durable unit designed and built to meet the demands of working professional.  ProtoLite CF-Pro and STUDIO CF-Array softboxes bring efficient and reliable broad-spectrum lighting to the film, video, and creative industries. Our ultra-efficient lights utilize readily available compact fluorescent bulbs in any wattage and temperature combination you desire. Users can mix and match up to ten bulbs to achieve an output equivalent up to 1500 incandescent watts while actually using less than 500 - a huge advantage when shooting on location. All of this with a minimum of heat and no flicker. Designed with durability, flexibility and efficiency in mind, ProtoLite CF-Arrays are ready to meet the demands of producers, artists and crews everywhere.  video light fluorescent soft box softbox continuous kinoflo arri lowell lighting art studio easel painting drawing sculpture artist painter sculptor craft crafts work workshop portrait
PL1068 Heavy-Duty Light Stand
White Nylon Diffuser
ProtoLite Power Cord
PL4018 for CF-Pro8/Studio Work Light
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